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Manage heat stress, recover rapidly & enhance performance

Military, police and firefighting personnel willingly face some of the most significant challenges, putting their lives on the line for the safety of others. As a consequence they have to prepare physically and mentally with intensive training regimes that are akin to those of professional athletes.

In addition, services personnel often have to wear body armour or protective equipment while operating in challenging environments which significantly adds to the risk of heat stress.

Help solve the problem with CoreTx palm cooling devices which enable personnel to perform better physically and mentally during their engagements or after the activities have ceased.

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Scientists from Stanford University, working in conjunction with the US Military Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) researched palm cooling as a means of enhancing performance, both physical & mental.

This resulted in peer reviewed published research reporting performance gains on a par with the use of steroids could be achieved through the use of palm cooling alone.

An improvement in work volume and strength gains of 25% to 40% was achieved when training with palm cooling compared to without palm cooling.

Thus service personnel can build muscle and gain power faster using the all new CoreTx performance enhancement device, which will aid overall performance.

1. Break through that plateau

CoreTx (Patent Pending) use can help your personnel break through plateaux. Stanford University reported gains only previously associated with the use of PEDs (performance enhancing drugs).

2. Increase performance gains

And those new to weight training can significantly increase performance gains in the early stages of training.

3. Deliver endurance benefits

Members focusing on endurance can also benefit from CoreTx Palm Cooling during or after training sessions.

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The US Miltary (DARPA) funded research by Stanford University into how best to dump heat when operating under environmentally challenging conditions.

As a consequence, Stanford discovered managing heat stress in situations where the level of physical activity combined with the requirement to wear personal protective gear, which can inhibit the body’s natural ability to control core temperature, is particularly challenging.

Since army, navy and air force personnel as well as firefighters and police forces across the globe are undertaking their everyday duties for the benefit of the population as a whole they deserve the very best.

Find out how palm cooling with CoreTx can dramatically improve recovery.

Contact CET for more information on palm cooling research and case studies.

Benefit from decades of CET experience in hydrotherapy

CET has nearly 20 years experience in the low-temperature hydrotherapy sector in the USA, Europe and further afield and can offer a full back package including marketing advice and support.

Scientists at Stanford University were surprised to discover the impact of palm cooling on performance enhancement, both power and endurance, and on weight loss in obese subjects.

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