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Enhanced Performance

About CET Ltd.

The route to developing the CoreTx Palm Cooling Device has been both circuitous and serendipitous.

In 2018, CET Founder and Managing Director, Colin Edgar, met with Dr Craig Heller, a Professor in the Biology Department at Stanford University, and had a discussion about the physiological impact of cold-water immersion on the human body.

During this meeting Dr Heller had also mentioned the research they had completed on heat stress for the US Military leading to the development of a palm cooling device – the Stanford Glove or RTX CoreControl as it came to be known.

About 12 months later Mr Edgar was at Hammarby FC in Stockholm, installing a couple of CryoSpa Ice Baths, which CET have supplied to elite clients across the globe. The Hammarby Head of Performance mentioned that they had a Stanford Glove and thought it was good in principle but it was too slow to be of practical use and asked if CET produced anything for half-time recovery.

From Stockholm, Mr Edgar reports “I had to fly to Munich for another CryoSpa installation – a 2 hour flight – and on the plane I designed the CoreTx Palm Cooling Device – every part was costed – and the drawings done on this flight ended up in the patent application. After finishing the install in Munich, I flew back home and the next day in the workshop I started creating the product and persisted until I had a fully functioning prototype”.

Cryotherapy or Low Temperature Hydrotherapy

Today, CET’s expertise in low temperature hydrotherapy is recognised globally with clients in more than 40 countries including the UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, the Cameroons, etc.

Clients include AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Manchester United, Wembley Stadium, Wimbledon (Tennis), Lyon FC, Toronto Blue Jays, Brooklyn Nets, the German Olympic Association, the Swiss Olympic Association, Team GB, US Military, etc.