Supercharge your performance

CoreTx GO Palm Cooling

CoreTx GO – Palm Cooling

Enhance performance, delay fatigue and recover faster with the new patented CoreTx and CoreTx GO Palm Cooling devices.

Stanford University scientists reported performance gains on a par with performance enhancing drugs, including anabolic steroids, solely by using their palm cooling device.

By utilising your body’s natural ability to dissipate heat through the non-hairy (glabrous) skin on the palms of your hands, the CoreTx GO can rapidly extract excess heat. In addition, the cooling modality delays fatigue by recruiting more motor units, thereby stimulating more muscle fibres to contract and consequently increasing work capacity.

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Dramatically enhance performance by incorporating revolutionary CoreTx palm cooling into a strength & conditioning training block.

Firstly, the central governor model of fatigue can explain the delay in fatigue that occurs as a result of applying a cooling medium to the palms of the hands. The Central Nervous System controls the number of motor units recruited within the muscle, which in turn determines the maximum work capacity of the muscle.

Secondly, when the muscle temperature reaches a critical level performance can drop significantly as the enzyme MPK, which is essential for performance, functions optimally within a limited temperature range.

Use the CoreTx palm cooling device between sets for just 90 seconds to:

  • Supercharge performance
  • Moderate muscle temperature
  • Delay fatigue signals
  • Facilitate harder training
  • Break through the plateau

Stanford University researchers reported improvements of over 25% in just 6 sessions, when using palm cooling during training.

It’s a legal form of performance enhancement on a par with the use of steroids claim Stanford scientists!

Rapid recovery at half-time, or mid-match, using our revolutionary CoreTx palm cooling device, can help you manage heat stress while enhancing performance.

As muscle and core temperature increase your physical and mental performance can be compromised.

Using the CoreTx for as little as 90 seconds can moderate your muscle & core temperature, delay fatigue and enable you to perform better for longer. And make better decisions too!

Stanford University researchers described palm cooling as a legal form of performance enhancement on a par with the use of steroids!

Dr Stacy T Simms of Stanford University used palm cooling to help obese female subjects to lose more weight, get fitter and reduce drop out levels from weight loss programmes.

Overweight and obese subjects find it more difficult to exercise and lose weight as they get too hot more quickly which reduces their ability to continue with the activity and is a factor in demoralising the individuals before the benefits of exercise transpire. The barriers to physical activity for obese women include overheating, sweating, fatigue, exhaustion and rapid heart rate.

By incorporating palm cooling into the training regime, Dr Simms reported the subjects felt more able to continue the exercises thereby improving fitness and accelerating weight loss. This produced much more satisfaction as goals were achieved and surpassed and a consequence was really low drop out rates compared to no palm cooling.

Features include

  • Digitally controlled temperature
  • Simultaneous use by two individuals.
  • Fully self contained unit.
  • Plug & play design.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • 120v to 230v / 50hz / 60hz

    How to use

    • Add Deionised Water (supplied with unit).
    • Connect 2 hoses and cooling cups.
    • Pre-chill to desired temperature.
    • After use wipe stainless cooling cup.



    • 110v to 240v / 50hz / 60hz


    • 12″ x 6″ x 8″ (L x W x H)
    • 30cms x 15cms x 35cms (L x W x H)


    • 7kg (15 lbs)