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Researchers at Stanford, Humboldt State, New Mexico & Queensland (Australia) Universities all found palm cooling played a key role in strength & conditioning programmes. And Stanford University also conducted studies into the tolerance in humans in challenging environments as well as fitness programmes for sedentary obese women.

The conclusion was that palm cooling played a vital role in rapid recovery, enhancing physical & mental performance with significantly improved outcomes.

The CoreTx Palm Cooling Device is a new improved device which performs faster than the devices used in these studies.

By incorporating palm cooling into a weight training or endurance training regime increases in strength and work capacity of over 25% was reported when training with palm cooling compared to without palm cooling.

Benefits Include:

1. Breaking through a training plateau

College students can make gains on a par with the use of steroids claims Stanford scientists.

2. Increased performance enhancement

Seasoned athletes and freshmen can equally enjoy a significant improvement in power using palm cooling as a training aid.

3. Deliver endurance benefits

Research on treadmills in heated rooms showed significant improvements in endurance.

Imagine if football players could combat heat stress at half-time what impact would that have on match outcomes? Or if second half or final quarter fatigue could be delayed for another 5 minutes would more games be won?

That’s where the CoreTx rapid recovery device comes into play.

During short breaks in the game, when players need to replenish lost fluids, focus on instructions from the coach and receive assistance from the medical staff etc there is limited opportunity for other recovery interventions.

The CoreTx palm cooling device can give players a physical and mental boost, in only a minute or two, delaying fatigue and enabling them to performance better for longer.

Losing weight is a particular challenge when physical activity is more difficult to sustain due to rapid heat gain as well as coping with the excess weight.

To achieve sustained weight loss maintaining a higher level of physical activity helps both physically and mentally.

Palm cooling can significantly reduce drop out rates, improving fitness and making weight loss more achievable thereby creating positive reinforcement – a virtuous circle.

Benefit from decades of CET experience in hydrotherapy

CET has nearly 20 years experience in the low-temperature hydrotherapy sector in the USA, Europe and further afield and can offer a full back package including marketing advice and support.

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