Enhance your performance, recover faster and manage heat stress with our revolutionary CoreTx palm cooling device. Using CoreTx for just 60 seconds delays fatigue so you can break through to the next level boosting your performance.

By palm cooling CoreTx moderates your blood temperature and delays your muscles overheating so you can perform for longer without risk of damage. As your muscles tire and get too hot, fatigue signals are sent to the brain but use the CoreTx and you can delay fatigue, supercharging your performance.

The CoreTx Thermal Exchange device can enhance conditioning, improve mid-match recovery and accelerate fitness & weight loss. It’s a legal form of performance enhancement!

CoreTx Palm Cooling

Stanford University research has shown how palm cooling uses your body’s natural ability for rapid recovery, cooling down your core and improving your mental focus too. When CET Managing Director met with Dr Craig Heller, the Stanford Professor who developed the Stanford Cooling Glove he realised the design could be improved.

Stanford University researchers also investigated the use of palm cooling for people suffering from conditions such as MS, which inhibited their ability to moderate core temperature.

For more information on the path to developing the CoreTx device, please click here.


Enhanced performance through accelerated conditioning.

Mid-activity recovery

Reduce fatigue at half-time to supercharge performance.

Weight Loss

Enhance fitness and weight loss in sedentary obese subjects.


CET sports recovery products are used by elite athletes globally.