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Rapid performance gains with CoreTx Palm Cooling

Success in the palms of your hands


The CoreTx GO is the latest innovation from CET whose clients include elite sport teams such as AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Arsenal FC, Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Blue Jays.

Enhance your performance with our revolutionary new lightweight, portable CoreTx GO palm cooling fitness device.


Cooling both palms between sets with the CoreTx GO delivered a 117% increase in parallel dip performance in only 6 sessions. See graph of Trial 1.

Further trials by a number of participants across a range of exercises yielded similarly impressive results:

  • Trial 2, Pull Ups – 91% improvement in 4 sessions
  • Trial 3, Push Ups – 70% improvement in 3 sessions
  • Trial 4, Bench Press – 113% improvement in 6 sessions
  • Trial 5, Bicep Curls – 50% improvement in 4 sessions

Cooling the glabrous, non-hairy, skin on the palm of the hand delays fatigue so you can break through to the next level, boosting your performance.


Stanford University research has shown how palm cooling uses your bodys natural ability to ehance work capacity and recovery while improving your mental focus too.


Our new portable CoreTx GO can enhance conditioning, improve mid-match recovery and accelerate fitness.

Matt Lawrence Trial 1 at CrossFit2012

Matt has an MSc in Sports Science and is a qualified Physiotherapist.
On day 1 of the trial, Matt completed maximum repetitions in each of the 5 Sets of Parallel Dips to establish the baseline.
Subsequent sessions were completed at 2 day intervals using CoreTx Palm Cooling between sets for 2 minutes. By Session 6 the total repetitions over 5 sets had increased by 117%, from 36 repetitions to 78 repetitions.
The baseline, without palm cooling, was then repeated 2 days after Session 6 showing a 78% improvement.

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How Palm Cooling Works

The underlying science

There has been a lot of scientific debate concerning the function of the Central Nervous System influencing muscle fatigue and the perception of fatigue.

One theory, commonly called the central governor theory of fatigue, concludes that fatigue is governed by the number of motor units activated in the muscle. The fewer that are activated, or the more that are de-activated, determines whether, or not, fatigue is triggered.

Therefore, the impact of palm cooling is explained by greater motor unit recruitment delaying fatigue and thereby enhancing performance.

The alternative theory is that the activated muscle temperature is the critical aspect. Certain highly temperature sensitive enzymes are crucial to maintaining performance and when these enzymes reach a critical temperature performance is inhibited.

In this alternative explanation, palm cooling is assumed to have a positive effect on the ability to perform as the moderated blood temperature delays the point at which the muscle overheats.



“The performance improvements are substantial. I love everything about this technology.”

Matt Lawrence

Head Coach and Clinical Rehabilitation Specialist, CrossFit 2012

“Players noted that they felt a drop in their heart rate and a better control of breathing rate after using the device. This is a huge improvement and benefit to giving players a level of control over their physiological state during matches. “

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