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Evidence based research proves Palm Cooling can dramatically improve Strength & Conditioning, Mid-Match Recovery and Weight Loss results according to scientists at Stanford and other leading universities.

Dr Craig Heller, a Professor in the Biology Dept at Stanford University received a $1.3m grant from DARPA, the US Military’s research agency, to conduct research into heat stress in military personnel. While conducting this research project he discovered that palm cooling could achieve performance gains on a par with the use of steroids.

So further research was conducted specifically into conditioning using this legal form of performance enhancement with some astonishing results.

And then former Olympic Athlete and Stanford University performance coach, Bob Weir, incorporated palm cooling into his training regime when he was preparing for the World’s Strongest Man competition and, at the age of 43, was placed 3rd in the final.

The three main applications for the CoreTx Palm Cooling Device are:



Research on accelerated conditioning from Stanford, Humboldt, Alabama and Western Sydney Universities.

Mid-activity Recovery

Mid Activity Recovery

Research on half time cooling and sports performance – University of Alabama and Swedish Olympic Committee.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Research into improving fitness and weight loss results for sedentary obese women by Stanford University.

Stanford University researchers also investigated the use of palm cooling for people suffering from conditions such as MS, which inhibited their ability to moderate core temperature.

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