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The CoreTx GO is the latest innovation from CET whose clients include elite sport teams such as AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Arsenal FC, Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Blue Jays.

Achieve your commercial goals and improve client outcomes with the CoreTx Palm Cooling Device:


The CoreTx helps members succeed faster, producing positive reviews and attracting new customers.


Offer the CoreTx free to premium subscriptions members or on a pay-per-use basis.


More clients will renew contracts when achieving their fitness or weight loss goals by using the CoreTx.


Generate additional revenue from clients who pay for using CoreTx.

A health club revolution in the palm of your hands

Contact CET today to learn how you can benefit from decades of experience in low temperature hydrotherapy, and earn more revenue while improving client outcomes by simply cooling the palm of your hand.

How Your Clients Can Benefit

Research scientists report 25% to 40% improvement in strength gains when training with palm cooling compared to without palm cooling.

Experienced weight trainers and beginners alike can build muscle and gain power faster using the all new CoreTx performance enhancement device. An interesting consequence of using the CoreTx is a reduction in DOMS i.e. less muscle soreness, which is a big benefit for those new to strength & fitness training programmes.

1. Break through that plateau

Use the CoreTx palm cooling device (Patent Pending) to smash through that plateau.

2. Increase performance gains

Those new to weight training can make significant performance gains in the early stages of training without all the associated muscle soreness.

3. Deliver endurance benefits

Improve endurance with intermittent palm cooling.


How can your facility benefit from palm cooling or for conditioning research studies: Contact CET today!

The key to success in weight loss and combating obesity is to burn more calories than you consume. Therefore, it is beneficial to combine an appropriate diet with an exercise routine.


Dr Stacy Simms of Stanford University reported that obesity makes it more difficult for you to sustain an exercise program as you overheat more quickly due to the extra insulation, which reduces your ability to continue with the activity. This has a demoralising effect and results in a high drop out rate from weight loss programmes for obese subjects.


By incorporating palm cooling into the training regime, Dr Simms reported the subjects felt more able to continue the exercises thereby improving fitness and accelerating weight loss.

This produced much more satisfaction as goals were achieved and surpassed and a consequence was really low drop out rates compared to no palm cooling.


Studies have also shown that muscle mass burns more calories than fat, even when not exercising. The more muscle mass you have, the higher the base metabolic rate, therefore, by toning muscles you get fitter, burn more calories and your work capacity increases – it’s a win win!


How can the CoreTx benefit fitness and weight loss programmes: Contact CET today!

Benefit from decades of CET experience in hydrotherapy

CET has nearly 20 years experience in the low-temperature hydrotherapy sector in the USA, Europe and further afield and can offer a full back package including marketing advice and support.

Scientists at Stanford University were surprised to discover the impact of palm cooling on performance enhancement, both power and endurance, and on weight loss in obese subjects.

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“The performance improvements are substantial. I love everything about this technology.”

Matt Lawrence

Head Coach and Clinical Rehabilitation Specialist, CrossFit 2012

“Players noted that they felt a drop in their heart rate and a better control of breathing rate after using the device. This is a huge improvement and benefit to giving players a level of control over their physiological state during matches. “

Belfast Giants

UK Ice Hockey Champions 2023