Supercharge your performance

CoreTx GO Palm Cooling

Supercharge your performance with CoreTx GO

Palm cooling for improved outcomes

Whether you are interested in strength & conditioning, weight loss, mid-match recovery or general fitness the CoreTx Palm Cooling Device can help to improve outcomes. 

For more information, please visit the CoreTx GO Palm Cooling or choose from the following sectors:

Elite Sports

Getting faster training gains, improving strength and endurance or combating fatigue at half time on match-day are just a few of the ways the CoreTx Palm Cooling device can enhance your athletes performance.


Improving performance of your sports teams, aiding mid-match recovery or combating obesity in sedendary staff and students are examples of how the CoreTx can benefit your College.

Health & Fitness

Health Clubs, Gyms and Wellness facilities can generate additional revenue, attracting new clients and retaining or upgrading existing clients using the CoreTx to help them achieve their strength, fitness or weight loss goals.