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In order to stimulate a training effect when weight training, for example, we apply a load to the muscles for sufficient repetitions to cause performance to drop below the initial fitness base line.

After a recovery period the work capacity recovers to or, over a period, above the initial base level. This is known as super-compensation as illustrated on the right.

When we over-train or, more commonly, under-recover the body does not recover to the starting point and performance capacity deteriorates. In addition, we are likely to experience a lot of muscle soreness the day or two days after training (delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS).


How To Use The CoreTx

During weight training it is common to perform a number of sets of a particular exercise. To increase your work capacity, and therefore the training effect, you can use CoreTx Palm Cooling between sets for 60 to 90 seconds. This will enable you to complete more repetitions in the subsequent set which, over a period, will significantly increase your work capacity.

Researchers at Stanford University were getting 25% to 40% improvement when using palm cooling compared to not palm cooling.

Interestingly, DOMS (muscle soreness) was also significantly reduced after using palm cooling.

The same principal applies for aerobic, endurance type training. Periodic palm cooling will increase work capacity thereby improving performance.


How Does The CoreTx Work?

As you exercise the muscles build up a lot of heat. The activated muscles e.g. the pectoral muscles in the chest and the triceps muscles in the upper arms during the bench press, will warm up due to the level of activity and increased blood flow. When these activated muscles begin to overheat the brain will receive fatigue signals as indicators the body is struggling to maintain optimum muscle temperature and performance will deteriorate.

And as the muscle is asked to perform it needs more oxygen to supply the necessary energy and so the blood flow to these activated muscles is increased.

These are self-regulating mechanisms that help the body maintain optimum temperature and to prevent damage to the tissue.

What the CoreTx is doing by delivering a cooling load to the blood is delaying the point at which the muscles overheat thereby delaying fatigue and enabling the body to perform for longer without risk of damage and with no apparent additional effort.

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