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Enhance performance, both physical & mental, and combat fatigue on matchday with the CoreTx palm cooling device.

When athletes are stronger & fitter the risk of injury is reduced. And the less fatigued the player the better the decisions as the match moves into the crucial 3rd and 4th quarters. To maximise player availability, you need to achieve maximum fitness while minimising fatigue – the primary precursor of injury.

While conducting research for the US Military, scientists from Stanford University, discovered that performance gains on a par with the use of steroids can be achieved through the use of palm cooling alone.

Improvements in strength and workload of between 25% and 40% was reported when training with palm cooling compared to without palm cooling.

Benefits Include:

  1. Breaking through a training plateau

Achieve gains only normally associated with the use of PEDs (performance enhancing drugs).

  1. Increased performance enhancement

Enjoy a significant performance enhancement in the early stages of training block or during mid-season.

  1. Deliver endurance benefits

Researchers reported surprising gains for both aerobic and anaerobic activities with significant improvements in endurance also noted.

Half-time recovery or mid-match recovery requires a different approach to the end of match or after a training session recovery and that’s where the CoreTx rapid recovery device comes into play.

During short breaks in the game, when players need to replenish lost fluids, focus on instructions from the coach and receive assistance from the medical staff etc there is limited opportunity for other recovery interventions.

The CoreTx palm cooling device can, in as little as 90 seconds, give players a physical and mental boost delaying fatigue and enabling them to performance better for longer in the next quarter or the second half.

Benefit from decades of CET experience in hydrotherapy

CET has nearly 20 years experience in the low-temperature hydrotherapy sector in the USA, Europe and further afield and can offer a full back package including marketing advice and support.

Scientists at Stanford University were surprised to discover the impact of palm cooling on performance enhancement, both power and endurance.

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