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Improve Gym Profitability

  • Reduce Churn
  • Attract New Clients
  • Add CoreTx Palm Cooling
  • Maximise Fitness Gains
  • Minimise DOMS (Muscle Soreness)
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Huge effect in no time

Just 30s between sets does it all: cooling both palms between sets with the CoreTx GO delivered a 117% increase in parallel dip performance in only 6 sessions.

Comparable improvements were achieved for pull ups, pus ups, bench press and bicep curls.

How it works

Cooling the glabrous, non-hairy, skin on the palm of the hand delays fatigue so you can break through to the next level, boosting your performance.

By palm cooling, CoreTx GO moderates your blood temperature and delays your muscles overheating, so you can perform for longer without risk of damage. It’s using your body’s natural ability for rapid recovery, cooling your blood and improving your mental focus too.

Improve Profitability

By adding the CoreTx GO to your Gym, you’ll attract new clients, create social media buzz and reduce churn.

Did you know a 1% reduction in the churn rate can add 25% to 95% to your bottom line? Improving member retention rates can significantly improve profitability.

For example, if your gym has 300 members and a membership rate of £30 per month, you can increase profits by £18,000 per annum just be increasing averate retention time by 2 months.

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