With cutting edge performance enhancing equipment.

The CoreTx GO is the latest innovation from CET whose clients include elite sport teams such as AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Arsenal FC, Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Blue Jays.


Enhance performance, delay fatigue and recover faster with the revolutionary new lightweight, portable CoreTx GO palm cooling device.

Cooling both palms between sets with the CoreTx GO delivered a 117% increase in parallel dip performance in only 6 sessions. Contact us now for further trials with impressive results:

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“The performance improvements are substantial. I love everything about this technology.”

Matt Lawrence

Head Coach and Clinical Rehabilitation Specialist, CrossFit 2012

“Players noted that they felt a drop in their heart rate and a better control of breathing rate after using the device. This is a huge improvement and benefit to giving players a level of control over their physiological state during matches. “

Belfast Giants

UK Ice Hockey Champions 2023

Early Adopters Profit by:

  • Reducing Churn

  • Attracting New Clients

  • Adding CoreTx Palm Cooling

  • Maximising Fitness Gains

  • Minimising DOMS (Muscle Soreness)

Trend Setting can improveĀ CHURN RATE and RETENTION TIME.