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Heat Stress

Successful weight loss and fitness gains in overweight and obese individuals is due to the appropriate diet combined with a calorie burning exercise program.

Dr Simms of Stanford University discovered the palm cooling accelerated fitness and weight loss gain in obese sedentary women. In addition, the individuals exposed to palm cooling had a much lower drop out rate.

Overweight and obese subjects find it more difficult to exercise and lose weight as they get too hot more quickly which reduces their ability to continue with the activity and is a factor in demoralising the individuals before the benefits of exercise transpire. The barriers to physical activity for obese women include overheating, sweating, fatigue, exhaustion and rapid heart rate.


How To Use The CoreTx

Overweight and obese Individuals can benefit from regular intermittent cooling during a fitness and weight loss training session and also at the end of each session.

When concentrating on a particular piece of equipment you can use the CoreTx for 1 minute between sets and also at the end of the session.

When circuit training it would be good to use the CoreTx between circuits and also at the end of the training session. These sessions could be one minute to 90 seconds long and a maximum of 2 minutes.

The fast acting CoreTx solves the problem of overheating, getting too hot and sweaty and feeling demotivated – a common problem with obese clients new to a training programme.


How The CoreTx Works

By cooling the palm of one hand via a combination of conduction and convection only 1 to 2 minutes is required to moderate core temperature, while keeping the muscles generally warm and primed for further action. This cooling of the blood has a double benefit as players are able to perform physically at a higher level and will also feel mentally stimulated, so more able to complete the session. This results in better outcomes and the individuals will feel more motivated and will be less inclined to drop out..

Research by Stanford University scientists established that palm cooling was a rapid and effective means for combating heat stress, enabling sedentary obese women to perform better and achieve better outcomes.

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